Elyssa. 18. UK

"Just ate like 7 of those mini milky way bars and am currently refusing to admit it's the same as eating a big one IT IS NOT THE SAME"- Taylor Swift
Anonymous asked: Parachute is my favorite band and Will and Taylor would be the nicest couple ever.


Anonymous asked: Who do you think should open up for Taylor for her next tour?


still waiting for Waylor to sail…

Anonymous asked: Why is taylor staying so low ? I think she's taking a break before she drops the bom on us ;)

She’s in Nashville so…I think she’s doing a lot of business stuff like planning and shit.


The one where Taylor Swift uses everyone as an armrest

Anonymous asked: Are you tired of waiting for some album 5 news?


Anonymous asked: Today's my birthday and my parents forgot :(

Don’t be sad!! Happy Birthday btw! :))))

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